Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Executive Resume (Click Here To Download .DOC Version)

Rene Briceno
Alajuela, Costa Rica.
Miami Phone: +1 305 600-4355
Office Phone: +506 2440-9800
Mobile Phone: +506 8832-3434


  Strategic planning, direct sales, team management and motivation, complicated high-end products, distribution and value chain management. Strong and loyal team player. Over 12 years of business development career in Latin America, gaining a massive network of business contacts and in-depth knowledge of the territory.
  Enjoys corporate sales goals, time lines, budgets, reporting and all sorts of challenges related to business development. Strong use and understanding of technology as a tool for strategic business objectives. Excellent closing skills combined with a positive mental attitude. Great experience on International Business Development and Strategic Planning. Bilingual 100% English/Spanish, both written and spoken.

YEP! INTERACTIVE GROUP – Montreal, Canada                                                                                                             2009
  One of the fastest growing CPA (Cost Per Action) networks in the globe, combining social media, online marketing and affiliate networking, generating over USD 150K monthly gross profit.
Interactive Marketing Manager – Worldwide First responsible for company-wide marketing strategies involving communications, media buying, and event planning.
Appointed as the CRM Czar for the entire organization, implementing Infusionsoft CRM tool company-wide.
Appointed as the Usability Improvement Process Head for the company’s  most important websites: / and
Global responsible for Social Media planning and deployment in networks as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Bebo, and (spelling is correct). Responsible for all E-Mail marketing endeavors as well.
Production Head for all video distribution efforts involving YouTube and over 350 other video-content distribution portals.
** Increased company revenues by 20% in my first month of operations.

VICTAULIC COMPANY  - Easton, PA.                                                                                                                      2007 – 2009
  World leader in grooved-pipe-system fittings, couplings and valves. Supporting several different industries worldwide.  Gross sales ranging USD 1 billion in 2008.  Original creator of the grooved pipe joint system.
Business Development Manager – Central America & North South America.  First responsible with P&L responsibility for the entire assigned territory. Responsibilities included business growth, market sizing and research, strategic planning,  definition of sales approach for each market, establishment of business goals,  monitoring and control tools, definition of KPIs, recruitment of business channels/distributors, lead generation, direct sales, deal negotiation, closing and follow up; project supervision and support, on site operator/installer training, customer relationship management.
·        Provided value-added services for the construction industry, including HVAC, Fire Protection, Mining, Oil & Gas, Green Energy, Power Plants, and large projects in general such as office towers, hotels, commercial centers and industrial parks.
·        Ticket size ranged from USD 30K to USD 7MM throughout Latin America.
·        Re-Arranged the entire distribution chain in my territory, optimizing distributors with real development and growth potential and establishing "painless" exit strategies for decadent distributors.  The effective implementation of my distribution strategy rendered amazing results, increasing sales volume and market share while augmenting overall  profitability in each country.
·        Established an individual and standardized pricing point for each market with the objective of reducing "Special Purpose Pricing" and consequently margin loss.  Once established, my pricing strategy allowed my territory to become the most profitable one in Latin America.
·        Created a "knowledge delivery" strategy for the entire territory, establishing permanent training centers in my 4 core markets and regular training events for the rest of the territory.  Created a "Victaulic Day" concept for on-site, operational level training, obtaining great results in terms of retention and best practices.
·        Created separate training sessions per audience types, differentiating amongst C-Level, Engineers/Technical, and Field Operations.  Each attendant received a interactive training session and a small Flash Drive with videos and a summarizing mind map of the entire presentation.
*** Achieved annual sales goals by September 2008 and surpassed sales goals by December 2008.
*** Optimized my distribution and pricing to become the most profitable territory in Latin America.
*** Increased customer retention and brand awareness through a strong knowledge-distribution strategy.

COSTA RICA FOR INVESTORS S.A. - San Jose, Costa Rica.                                                                                2005 – 2007
  Mid-Size call center operation focusing on foreign investor markets in the US, Canada, Netherlands, and UK.

International Sales Manager / Partner.  Main responsibilities included the management of 30+ sales team, campaign creation and negotiation with large real estate projects, lead generation/acquisition, database management, CRM and Voice systems integration, campaign management, definition and monitoring of sales/productivity ratios, compensation plan management, international escrow and security services, investor hospitality and traveling services.
·        Ticket size for each sale ranged between 0.5MM and 1.5MM
·        Managed investor groups of 20+ people with 100% closing rate.
·        Sold all development projects by 60% in 90 days.

CSI LEASING CENTRAL AMERICA S.R.L. - San Jose, Costa Rica.                                                      2001 – 2005                                             
  Direct Subsidiary of Computer Sales International, St. Louis, MO.  The largest private/independent lessor in the world.  Global leasing portfolio surpassing USD 1.2 Billion in 2008. 

Vendor Development Manager - Central America & Caribbean.  Primary responsible for the creation and management of Vendor Equipment Finance Programs (VPs), including lead generation and cold calling, direct sales, negotiation of program operation & maintenance agreements, program training & deployment in each country, risk assessment criteria, program portfolio limits and program portfolio sale at maturity.
·        Started as a Business Development Executive and got promoted in first 3 months.
·        Closed VPs with top accounts like Komatsu, IBM, HP, Cisco Systems, and Volvo.
·        All programs created covered the entire Latin America region.
·        Biggest direct sale made was 2.5MM for Dole Fresh Fruit, under the IBM Vendor Program.
·        Total VP portfolio ranged USD 20MM in less than 2 years.

, San José, Costa Rica                                                                                             1999 – 2002
  Citigroup is the largest banking operation in the world.  The entire group is currently facing serious problems in order to avoid filing for bankruptcy.

Product Manager, ABF (Asset Based Finance).  First responsible for the Asset Based Finance division, including vendor equipment finance programs, international trade financing, asset based portfolio acquisition, portfolio financing for local entities, customer relationship management, new customer acquisition, program negotiation/creation, lead generation, direct sales, and company-wide training for all direct sales positions.  Also market sizing and establishment of monitoring/scoring tools.
·        Achieved sales goals consistently, in the order of USD 86MM per annual.
·        Surpassed portfolio spread requirements, obtaining yields higher than 850 basis points (8.5% spread).
·        Biggest sales made was USD 30MM under the Cisco Systems Vendor Finance Program, which led to an additional program creation one year later, on CSI Leasing.
·        Since Citibank did not provide any leasing solutions on its products, many of the portfolios I created later on, as a Vendor Program manager in CSI Leasing, were easily sold to Citibank as a 2nd floor banker.
·        Managed all relationships with manufacturers, resellers, integrators, distributors, lessors and valuators, in the markets of Industrial/OEM Equipment, Construction Equipment, Information Technologies, and International Trade Finance.
·        Managed Vendor Programs included IBM, Cisco Systems, Microsoft, Komatsu, Volvo, Caterpillar, Scania, John Deere, Genie, Yale, Heidelberg and Husky.

PVE SUN MICROSYSTEMS RESELLERS. San Jose, CA                                                                        1997 – 1999
Small business operation based on Silicon Valley, California.  The operation still exists and yields great results.

Marketing & Sales Manager. Responsibilities included all marketing and sales activities such as lead generation, cold calling, promotional campaign creation, online sales, and customer relationship management systems.
·        Increased Costumer Share from 5% to 60% in 2 years.
·        Developed a 1 to 1 sales approach, training all involved players.
·        Established the first CRM initiative of the company, which is used to this day.
·        Biggest ticket sale was USD 250K to Solar Systems Co. in San Jose, CA.
·        Learned the insights of the US culture for doing business.

Universidad Latina de Costa Rica – Licentiate Degree in the Arts of Business Administration, with two majors: Marketing & Sales / Finance.                                                                                                                                                            2000
Harvard University  - Strategic Planning Boot Camp. Business Oratory  Seminar                                                   2002

·        Pay Per Click Advanced Black Belt, Perry Marshall & Associates
·        Leasing in Latin America: Business Approach, Development and Back Office solutions. Computer Sales International (CSI) Leasing, St. Louis Missouri & México, 2 week seminar.
·        The New Economy Primer; Rethinking Customer Acquisition; Integrated Value Chains;
Cambridge Technology Partners.

·        The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People; Stephen Covey.
·        Marketing One-to-One; Peppers & Rogers Consulting Group, San José, Costa Rica, 1999
(Seminar held directly with Mr. John Peppers)

·        Effective Interaction Seminar; Wilson Learning. 1998.
·        Distribution Operations; Competitive Edge Series. 1998.
·        Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, Project, Explorer, Front Page.